Infuse Color and Class to Your Corporate Landscapes with Artificial Hedges


Whether it is a luxury restaurant, big hotel, casino, shopping mall, amusement park or a large corporate house, now is the time to stay updated and charm your customers with new landscape trends. The New Year has just arrived, and people are in a very festive mood now and therefore introducing a fresh corporate landscape is surely welcome your customers and make them have the positive attitude. Researchers conducted on the effect of nature on human behavior gives positive indication that people close to nature stay in a positive frame of mind and become more productive in whatever they do.

Urban areas are full of commercial complexes and these have reached such a saturated level that it becomes difficult to redesign these places in a trendy way so that it looks fresh with vibrant energy. As the fashion world is ever changing it becomes important for large hotels, casinos, big restaurants, theme parks and even the hospitals, large business complexes, and government offices to have a seasonal appearance. Infusing fake plants and artificial boxwood hedge to the corporate landscapes is a great way to do this. Hedges and topiaries have the power to transform a barren corporate place into a mesmerizing one. These are apt to bring in a magical ambiance to your commercial property in. These energize your customers and visitors and entails overall business excellence.

False greeneries is a thoughtful choice

Adding some natural element to the corporate landscape is great no doubt. But it has many pitfalls as well. Using live plants and trees you have to arrange for watering, fertilizing, trimming, etc. to keep those green. This involves cost; as you need to have dedicated workforce for maintaining the live plants and hedges. But, the artificial tropical plants have no such demand. These resemble the live trees so closely that you cannot separate it from the live ones without touching. They stay there for long without any maintenance. Only cleaning once in a while is enough to keep their lush green appearance. Moreover, these false greeneries perfectly blend with any landscaping accessory making these the most thoughtful landscaping option.

Looks better than natural

The fake decorative items are made from high-quality plastic materials bearing the quality of PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® technology backed by years of research and development. These are made botanically correct and beautifully crafted to look like live plants and hedges. Mounted on sturdy cages these are extremely durable. They shade no leaves and being UV resistant they are not affected by the glare of the sun rays and keep their green tint for a long time. When you include artificial orchids and other false decorating accessories in your corporate landscape, it delivers a smoothing environment drawing people to your commercial property. Even in a hospital, the patients feel better when they see the green landscaping around.

Colors tell your quality and class

The color is the most important part of any corporate landscaping projects. Fake flowers are available in a wide range of color and hues and when you include those in the corporate landscape it helps to elevate your commercial environment. Decorating your commercial property with various artificial tropical plants and artificial orchids conveys your love for nature. You can also use artificial boxwood hedge for creating a private space inside the commercial establishment. When you embellish your commercial space with vibrant colors and lush green false foliage, your guests and customers understand the quality and class you maintain.

Ideal for exterior & interior landscaping

As the false greeneries have unique appearance, these can compliment any outdoor or indoor landscaping requirement. You may place these at the main entrance, walkways, porticos, balconies, lawns, etc. where they can create a focal point for the visitors. While opting for interior decoration, you can place the artificial orchids at the reception desk, conference hall, on stairs or in any void space that you want to fill. You can also revamp your exterior with false trees and plants to give a stunning look. When the balconies and windows are adorned with fake foliage, they render a fantastic front view of the building. Since these securely fixed on the sturdy metal frames, there is no chance of losing leaves.

Unique UV and fire protection

The false hedges are specially treated during the process of manufacturing to give UV protection. Special chemical treatment is also done to make these fire retardant. These never fade being exposed to sun rays making this ideal for outdoor decoration. Due to fire retardant feature, these are also suitable for indoor use.

These provide warmth and comfort

Using fake topiaries can make a large room more compact besides delivering a welcoming look. These also bring close to the nature feeling when installing for outdoor decoration. Wherever you may use, these show warmth and comfort by their amazing presence.

Benefits of fake decorative accessories

The prime objective of including artificial boxwood hedge into any corporate landscape is to combine beauty and freshness. Their presence is sure to connect visitors. Other than these, there are also multiple other added advantages.

  • The lush green color delivers an appealing ambiance and brings your customers close.
  • All faux foliage including artificial tropical plants is easy to maintain. Clean those after some time, and these will look fresh.
  • No need to prepare the soil. These come in standard bases and can be installed anywhere with minimum effort.
  • These can be customized to any shape and size to fit all landscaping requirement.
  • Fake decorative accessories have unique flexibility. Interchanging between different places is possible for redesigning the commercial landscape.
  • Available in wide varieties giving you many options.
  • These are not affected by weather. You can fix and forget. They will silently do their work.
  • Does not attract insects making your clients fee form insect attack.
  • Needs no sunlight; can be placed even in the darkest corner.

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